Ferry Hill Drive, Quails Rise

Date: 1st July 2019

Client: Ross Copland

“We entered into a contract with Fleming Building Ltd to construct our new home in Queenstown after a competitive tender process and commenced the build in April 2014. We designed our house using Structural Insulated Panel (MagRoc), so it was important to us that our builder was adaptable enough to learn new methods of construction. It was also important that our builder was willing to enter into a formal contract, this was simple to work through with Harry who is a member of Certified Builders New Zealand and a Licensed Building Practitioner.

Managing Director, Harry Fleming, went to great lengths to learn the MagRoc system including visiting other building sites and the MagRoc factory in Christchurch before reporting back to us that he was confident he could complete the job and submitting his price. This is typical of Harry’s nature; he is a keen learner and he doesn’t commit to anything unless he knows he can do a good job. Throughout the project the team from Fleming Building did an exemplary job. They are a hard-working crew and set very high standards for quality and safety on site. Every day the site was swept out clean and rubbish/sawdust removed which all trades commented was a benefit for productivity and safety.Harry is very good at working through design details and coming up with practical, cost-efficient solutions. Fleming Building have a great reputation with other tradesmen, and we had no trouble at all with access to stoppers, painters, tilers, kitchen installers, electricians etc. despite Queenstown going through a construction boom. Other trades prioritised work for Harry due to his respectful attitude, professionalism, communication skills and good sense of humour.

I worked as an engineer in commercial construction in New Zealand and Australia for 7 years before moving to Queenstown. In my experience Harry is one of the most professional, diligent carpenters I have had the pleasure to work with and I commend Fleming Building to anyone seeking to build a new home or commercial project. I am happy to be contacted by phone should you wish to discuss this further.”

Ross Copland, CEO at Remarkables Park

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